Naav Yaaru? - Who Are We?

Uttara Karnataka Snehaloka (UKSL) is a group of friends from North Karnataka who have studied in various colleges of North Karnataka and are currently living in Bangalore and other parts of the world.

The primary theme of the group is to celebrate the friendship, the human spirit, empathy, passion, encourage and help each other. And the group also works towards any social cause that serves the betterment of North Karnataka region.

Uttara Karnataka Sneha Loka is registered as a Trust entity in Bangalore on 28th July 2017.

Swalpa Vichara Maadri - No one has ever become Poor by Giving and Sharing.

Daana Madiri, aadare adarinda pratiphala nirekshisa bedi. Adu tanagiye, vapas baruttade - Swami Vivekanand

Our only MANTRA is “Life is all about OUR FRIENDSHIP, FAMILY TIES and giving back to the Society. We whole heartedly invite you to please come forward and join us in this wonderful journey by being the registered members of Uttara Karnataka Snehaloka (UKSL) Trust.

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